Our competence and our tools combined to provide your organization
with the most effective learning experience.

How Quiddis Works

The first step is performing a preliminary analysis on the specific company’s needs and requests, in order to design a training strategy and balance offline and online learning.

Once your objectives are well defined, you can move to QUIDDIS to create your customized training program.

You can create a storyboard of your lessons (using NOTE) and add contents (with EDIT) – texts, images, videos, audios, animations, tests – both independently stored in the LCMS (Learning Content Management System) (SAFE).

You can access them whenever you want to create new contents or to modify existing ones.

When the course is validated and ready to be delivered, it is exported to the LMS(Learning Management System) (our ESPY or any other you may provide), which allows to directly manage the whole academy community.

Then, learners can access courses assigned to them from their personal smartphones or tablets using their account on an intuitive app (PLAY), while trainers can track their progress remotely at any time and adjust the training path according to results.