Services and tools to allow your organization
to build the most effective eLearning experience.

Discover Quiddis services for eLearning, to face the new normal of training: now more than ever we need a paradigm shift, a new attitudenew tools and new skills to do new things.

From the single teacher doing lesson to the instructional design of training programs that are not concluded as a one-time moment, but are effective and useful and stay available to users for a long time, to be used when needed and according to users’ habits.

From sharing resources when needed to creating a permanent storage of materials that are always available to meet every need, according to the highest quality standard and selected by teachers who become facilitator and co-builder of tailor-made training programs for each user.

From esclusively face-to-face in class training to rethinking resources and materials for blended trainingself-paced with distance tracking and micro-learning to adapt to new habits; sinchronous as a moment dedicated to sociality and practice of acquired content.

Intructional Design

Consultancy services to design eLearning and blended courses effective and tailor-made basing on your target’s needs, to keep high levels of engagement and motivation.
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Quiddis Join 512

Quiddis Join LMS

Your Learning Management System platform: simple, complete and user-friendly to allow everyone to manage blended training with all the functionalities they may need.
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SCORM Content

Develop your eLearning SCORM content thanks to Quiddis services: entrust our content design team and discover all the potential of asynchronous digital training.
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Quiddis Make

A collaborative authoring platform to design and develop asynchronous eLearning content, SCORM-compliant and easy to use.
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Quiddis Health

ELearning services applied to the health world, to allow all the stakeholders involved in the process to communicate easily, always keeping a patient-centered approach.
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