come realizzare business game online

Find out how to create Business Game online

Discover how you can create effective business games online thanks to useful digital tools, both for single users and for Groups, in order to put your skills to the test.

cultura della formazione azienda - corporate training culture

Discover how to develop a Corporate Training Culture!

Learn why developing a training culture within your company is critical to growing your business and how to do it online using simple strategies.

template lezioni e-learning personalizzate - personalized lesson

8 Examples of templates for personalized e-learning lesson

Discover Quiddis templates, the perfect starting frame to design and build your own e-learning content with interactive slides, cartoon style or gamification.

valutazione formativa aziendale online- formative assessment

Discover how to do formative assessment for corporate training

Discover the tools and main theories for measuring the performance of online business education, to understand how to calculate your return on investment and optimize resources.

migliorare motivazione partecipazione webinar - improve motivation partecipation

How to improve motivation and participation in your webinars

Discover techniques and strategies to improve interest and effectiveness in your webinars, thanks to our tips to increase the motivation and involvement of your participants.

podcast formazione a distanza - distance training

How to use Podcasts for distance training

Discover features and benefits of introducing podcasts in your distance training course activities, to attract a different target and to achieve your educational goals.