role play serious game simulazioni adaptive learning FAD

Role play and simulations: serious game and adaptive learning in distance learning

Find out how role play and simulations, specific types of serious games, can be built and used in online teaching thanks to the possibilities offered by adaptive learning.

join formazione finanziata

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Motivazione ed engagement - formazione e-learning al tempo di tiktok

Consultancy and design of corporate and professional training: do you need it?

What does consultancy and design related to corporate and professional training do? You need it? Read on to find out.

Motivazione ed engagement - formazione e-learning al tempo di tiktok

Motivation and engagement: eLearning training at the time of TikTok

How to fight the loss of motivation and engagement in e-learning with the TikTok generation? Discover our suggestions!

sostenibilità corporate e-learning

Corporate Sustainability and eLearning: distance training for a sustainable company

If Corporate Sustainability is the new keyword of every company, let's find out how distance training can make it more sustainable.