video lessons

5 Tips to Improve Your Video Lessons

In this article you will learn 5 ways to improve your video lessons quickly and low-cost, making your e-learning more effective.

elearning soft skills

Elearning to support your soft skills training

When can you use elearning to support your face-to-face lessons? Find out all the benefits of using elearning in your soft skills training.

Sistemi di Progettazione Didattica e-learning

Instructional Systems Design models to set up your elearning program

Talking about elearning, instructional design and choosing an ISD are very important to save time and money. Find out how to choose the right one for you.

eLearning professionals

The new professionals of eLearning: who, what and how

Which professionals are needed to create eLearning content? Read the article to find out the combination of skills and knowledge they should have to design effective digital training.

Smart working: advantages and opportunities

What is smart working and which advantages it brings? in this article we will try to clarify how it works and list the main benefits for everyone involved: workers, companies and environment.

REACT eHealth solution

REACT: eHealth to improve after-stroke rehabilitation

REACT eHealth solution aims to feel a gap in the treatment of after-stroke patients. Discover how it works and can improve the rehabilitation process for patients, medical professionals and the NHS.

Webinar e-learning

Why webinars are not the most effective e-learning content

In this article we will try to show why webinars are the most common e-learning content and which limits they have and explore ways to make digital training truly effective.

The unexpected “social” side of digital learning

In this article we will try to explain how e-learning can be “social” and how webinars, forums and leaderboards can be used to promote relationships within digital academies.

What is mobile learning, the latest e-learning revolution

In this article you will find out what is mobile learning, read some figures about the use of mobile devices and get to know its impact on the training market.

What is distance tracking, the most important e-learning feature

What is distance tracking, the most important e-learning feature

In this article you will find out what is distance tracking, what kind of information you can collect about the student's learning process and what you can use those data for.


What is the SCORM, the key-standard for e-learning interoperability

In this article we will try to explain what the SCORM is and all the benefits you can achieve if your e-learning content and your LMS platform complies with it.

adaptive learning

Adaptive learning: training tailored to you

Adaptive learning is the subtle art of building tailored courseware that fits every learner’s needs. In this article we will talk about this method and why it is something you cannot do without.

LMS LCMS differenze

LCMS and LMS: what’s the difference and why you need both

In this article we will try to explain what LCMS and LMS are, what's the difference beetween them and which complementary role sthey play in the training process. 


From in-house server to Cloud: four reasons to make the switch

In this article we will explain what the Cloud is and give you four reasons why you should say goodbye to your in-house server and switch to Cloud to improve the success of your company.

Quiddis, il blended training

E-learning or face-to-face? Blended training is better!

In this article we will try to describe the role of face-to-face lessons coming after an e-learning phase and how blended training can boost the effectiveness of the learning process.


E-learning vs. face-to-face training: the ultimate challenge

In this article we will try to explain what are the perks of e-learning in terms of engagement, effectiveness, costs and control of students' progress and why it represents the future of training.

Quiddis Suite Logo

Quiddis: an e-learning service meant for trainers

Most e-learning services are focused on learners. This article describes why and how Quiddis was created primarily for trainers, in order to make everyone able to build content and manage academy communities online.

long term memory

Memory: knowing how it works to enhance it (Part 2)

This is the second part of the article dedicated to memory. Here you will learn all about long-term memory and how to enhance it.

Article about short term memory

Memory: knowing how it works to enhance it (Part 1)

In this article we'll try to describe how memory works and which enhancement strategies can be implemented to take the most of it, starting with a focus on short-term memory.

Digital natives

Digital natives: what has really changed?

Who are the so called "digital natives" and why are these people different from their fathers? In this article we'll try to define this new category and analyze possible solutions to cope with their new ways of thinking.