Quiddis Join servizi LMS

Discover all Quiddis Join features, the simple and complete LMS platform

Discover all the new features of Quiddis Join, the LMS platform to manage eLearning and blended training in an easy and complete way.

Quiddis Join Moodle interfaccia LMS

Quiddis Join: customized interface for your corporate Moodle LMS

Find out how to build a customized interface for your corporate Moodle LMS platform and improve user experience with Quiddis Join.

reporting elearning

Reporting in eLearning: technologies to optimize processes

Find out how to optimize eLearning management thanks to the support of technologie, especially in the reporting phase.

effectiveness e-learning

Effectiveness of eLearning: from time spent to training objectives

In this article we talk about how LMS allows you to shift the focus of eLearning effectiveness measurement from time spent in the course to learning objectives.

Reportistica e ambassador per la formazione di successo in azienda

Reporting and ambassadors for successful corporate training

Find how reporting and ambassadors can be key-factors for the success of your corporate training projects with e-learning.

competenze docente blended

Training for trainers: five skills of blended teachers

Which competences are required of teachers to manage blended training programs in the new normal of training? Find out the main five ones.