Hosting Solutions BigBlueButton

The platform to make your online lessons
and webinars effective and engaging for everyone.

Hosting Solutions BigBlueButton

The platform to make your online lessons
and webinars effective and engaging for everyone.

Quiddis offers hosting solutions for BigBlueButton™, open-source platform for online frontal training developed by teachers, available in over 65 languages with millions of users worldwide and feature-rich to keep users active and engaged throughout the lessons.

Screen sharing, uploading presentations directly to the platform, multi-user whiteboard, breakout rooms for group work, simple and customizable polling and many other features allow you to build effective and engaging lessons, in which users are an active part of the training.

BigBlueButton is the perfect solution for funded and certified training, as it provides detailed reports on participation in virtual classrooms, both as stand-alone platform and in integration with LMS such as Moodle.

bigbluebutton features


Simplified presentation upload with support for PDF documents, text, images and Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel, and intuitive screen sharing to keep students engaged.


Ability to use slides as a whiteboard, with annotations to highlight the content by the instructors or for group activities with students.


Lesson recording by instructors and moderators, with notice to all participants for privacy reasons.


Quick and easy polling that encourage more student engagement​, with customizable questions and results sharing.


Ability to create timed breakout rooms to engage students in collaborative learning and organize group activities.


Video sharing within the main presentation area via link, with instructor-controlled playback and low, medium and high resolution options for all band levels.

shared notes and chat

Shared notes to facilitate collaboration, fillable and downloadable by participants, and public and private chat for group and individual user interactions.

hand rise and emojis

Raise of hands and the ability for each participant to customize one’s own emoji to collect feedback.

How to use BigBlueButton


Do you need a autonomous video lesson system for your synchronous digital training? BigBlueButton is a complete and secure tool. Contact us to learn all about our hosting solutions!


BigBlueButton is the online lessons system integrated in our LMS Quiddis Join in all configurations. Visit the dedicated page to find out how to organize your blended training in one platform.

INTEGRATed in your lms

Would you like to integrate BigBlueButton with your LMS, Moodle or other? Contact us without obligation to talk to one of our experts and build the customized solution that best suits your training needs! is not endorsed or certified by BigBlueButton Inc. BigBlueButton and the BigBlueButton Logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc.

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