Blended training programs, face-to-face and eLearning,
to reach all you training objectives.

Do you need support to design instructional programs for blended training that put together face-to-face and self-paced learning using digital tools?

Quiddis Instructional Design team can help you to build an eLearning course from scratch or to turn your face-to-face program into a digital one, making your knowledge more valuable and easy to share.

Webinars, but also filespodcastsSCORM contents and different types of test, to ensure the highest levels of engagement and effectiveness for your training program, helping to reach all your learning objectives.


Investments Valorization

Higher value to your economic investments in training, designing programs and contents that can be used many times and easily updated.

Time Optimization

To alternate moments of face-to-face training (in class or in webinars) with self-paced learning, to allow to train according to one’s availability.

Variety of resources and activities

Using different types of resources and activities, both synchronous and asynchronous, allows to organize effective training for all kind of targets.


Starting from a training need analysis and goals setting allows to define the best solution to organize training according to your needs.

Maintenance and updating

Using blended training semplifies the maintenance of digital content and allows to do recurrent and refresh training in an easy way.

Know-how capitalization

Building blended training programs allows to collect your know-how and make it available in time, avoiding for it to go to waste.