Quiddis Make advanced e-learning developer Course

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Advanced course Quiddis Make – SCORM content development software – for advanced users: instructional desidgner, graphics e-learning, developers e-learning.


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Purpose of the course
The purpose of the course is to explain to third parties, outside the Grammelot company, the features and multiple advanced features of the Quiddis Make software in order to become autonomous in the use and production of SCORM packages.


Course users

  • Graphics or experts in the SCORM package manufacturing industry, or in general software that have similar characteristics to Quiddis Make.
  • Less experienced people who want to transform their educational content into traceable and interactive projects.


Learning objectives of the course

  • Knowing every function and potential of the software
  • Knowing how to use advanced content for the realization of interactive and traceable lessons
  • Reproduce your own training projects in Make according to the SCORM model
  • Be able to customize items provided by Quiddis Make
  • Be able to use markup languages within the training course



  • Learning by doing


Didactic modules

  1. Scorm package
  2. Tips and tricks
  3. Navigation
  4. Advanced components and modifiers
  5. Smart assets
  6. 3D model
  7. Custom UI

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