Your knowledge, our team of eLearning design experts.

Our goal is to bring your knowledge to life, by creating the best eLearning content to engage your students, whichever their age and technology litteracy level.

Working with a tailor-made approach, we ensure that your content respects your tone of voice and style, by customising every element of the process, from environment to storytelling.

Quiddis team is composed by both experts with a twenty years’ experience in content design and young designers that will keep your content fresh and original.

  • INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS that will help you build the best training plan, fully digital or blended
  • STORYBOARD CREATORS to define how all multimedia elements will interact with each other
  • ELEARNING ARTISTS to give the best look-and-feel to your content
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGERS to ensure the compliance to top quality standards.


blended training

Blended Training

Mixing traditional face-to-face training with e-learning strategies, to be able to choose the proper media for the specific topic, moment of the learning process and goal to achieve.


Applying game mechanics, like achievement badges and leaderboards, to training in order to improve engagement, motivation and knowledge retention.


Conveying knowledge through a succession of small training pills, subdividing the content into micro topics (“chunks”) and resuming the same topic multiple times from various points of view.


Live, web-based video conference that connects through the Internet a teacher (or multiple teachers) to an audience, allowing computer screens sharing and interaction.

Adaptive Learning

Using computer algorithms to “adapt” resources and learning activities to the specific needs and cognitive abilities of each learner, basing on assessments and tasks.

Mobile Learning

Distance education accessible anytime from anywhere, using personal smartphones and tablets, allowing social and content interactions.

Social Learning

Learning from interactions with other people by observing, asking questions and share knowledge resources, both face-to-face and through technology.

Ad Hoc Solutions

In addition to our cutting-edge training methods, we can create customized solutions designed to meet specific needs and requirements. Just contact us to talk to our team.