8 Examples of templates for personalized e-learning lesson

Discover Quiddis templates, 8 examples of starting frames to design and build your own personalized e-learning lessons with interactive slides, cartoon style or gamification. What are the characteristics of Quiddis templates?

  • They are in standard SCORM format and therefore compatible with different LMS platforms.
  • They are highly interactive and help you build personalized e-learning lessons based on micro-learning, which always keep your users’ attention high.
  • They are remotely traceable to allow the use in self-learning, but collecting timely data on the actions of users.
  • They are totally responsive, so they can be used both on desktop devices and on tablets and smartphones, both via browser and app.
  • They are already set to be multilingual, with the possibility of easily inserting italian and english or adding additional translations of the elements.
  • They include more specifically formative parts, alternating with quizzes and activities to make the lesson participatory and maintain a high level of engagement throughout the duration of the training.

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Watch the trailer and discover Quiddis template examples for your customized e-learning lessons!

The course is totally responsive, accessible from both smartphones and desktops, and is available in Italian and English! Request free access now by filling out the form!

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