From in-house server to Cloud: four reasons to make the switch

Most people think that having their content stored in-house gives more control over it and overall more security. In this article we will give you four reasons why you should say goodbye to your in-house server and switch to the Cloud to improve the success of your company.


Let’s start from the very basics, clarifying what the Cloud exactly is. An acknowledged definition says that “the Cloud refers to servers that are accessed over the Internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. Cloud servers are located in data centers all over the world. By using Cloud computing, users and companies don’t have to manage physical servers themselves or run software applications on their own machines.” In short, the Cloud is a cyber space you can “rent” for your content to be stored with someone else taking care of management.

Now that you know what the Cloud is, you may wonder why you should choose it for your company. Here are four reasons to convince you that you have to



Service reliability means that you can trust your Cloud provider to maintain the server up and running for a long time. In particular, the way the Cloud works ensures a much higher level of reliability than your in-house server, thanks to the virtualization and server stack. Trying not to go too technical, this means that your server is virtual rather than physical and it’s part of a network of many similar machines. As a result, it can be easily backed up and replicated over the network (even in other geographical locations), ensuring what is known as “business continuity”: if your server or data-center goes down, another shadow copy can be automatically started up.



Having a network of servers can be very important especially in case of breach or cyber attack. You may think your content is not that interesting for hackers, but indeed it is: data represents nowadays the main assets for people and companies, and crisis management is something we cannot do without anymore.  

Since in terms of cyber security things can happen extremely quickly, it is therefore essential to have a team of experts ready to solve any problem that can arise and keep your files safe and sound. Compared to your in-house server, the Cloud is like having your money in a safety deposit box in a bank instead of hiding them under the mattress at home. Which one would you consider easier to break open? We bet we know the answer. 



Let’s talk about money. Especially for small businesses, having a proprietary infrastructure with a dedicated team looking after it can often be very expensive.

Outsourcing to an external provider, choosing a package proportionate to the company’s needs and spending capacity, allows even SMEs to be able to afford the best service, covering the costs of the server itself and people needed to update and maintain it. 



Storing your content in the Cloud makes it easier to access it from multiple offices and devices. Of course, this is useful especially for big companies which operate internationally, with many headquarters and a great number of employees and customers who may need to use those contents. But even if you run a SME, with the spread of smart-working and e-commerce, giving access to content and services to people becomes essential to enhance the competitive advantage. Whichever market you operate in, your success will in fact be determined by how user-friendly your access channels are, independently from people’s location or which device they use. 


Have this four reasons convinced you to make the switch? As for us, we are totally committed. That’s why we decided to store all our files in the Cloud, including an LCMS and an LMS in our suite. Do you wonder what they are and why it is important for them to be in the Cloud? Find out in our next article


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