Learn how to create interactive eLearning courses with the Quiddis guide

Discover the Quiddis guide to become a true eLearning design expert and learn how to create interactive and effective courses to use for your distance learning. Here are some of the topics that will be covered within the course:

  • What is microlearning, when and why it is important to organize the teaching contents according to this working methodology.
  • Deepening of a learning object and how to compose the learning units in e-learning courses to be reusable and easy to update and modify over time.
  • What is the SCORM standard for digital educational content and how asynchronous activity tracking works on LMS platforms, including for funded and certified training.
  • The storyboard, what is it and what elements make up the structure of an asynchronous e-learning course.
  • How to use an author platform to create asynchronous eLearning courses in a simple and fast way, taking advantage of available features and templates.
  • What are the useful multimedia elements to be included in eLearning courses and how to use texts, audio, video and quizzes to make lessons interactive and effective for students.

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