How to use Podcasts for distance training

Discover features and benefits of introducing podcasts among the activities for your distance training paths, to attract a different target and to achieve your educational goals. Here are some of the topics that will be covered in the course:

  • Le caratteristiche di un podcast formativo, e come può integrarsi con altri materiali e attività didattiche in percorsi di formazione a distanza.
  • The characteristics of educational podcasts, and how they can integrate with other teaching materials and activities in distance training courses.
  • What a Learning Management System platform is and how to use it to create podcasts in SCORM format.
  • How to start and design educational podcasts, how to implement other teaching materials via LMS platform.
  • What are the various communication styles that can be used within educational podcasts.
  • When to use podcasts to get better results in terms of learning objectives and useful tips for this type of training activity.
  • What are the tools needed at the hardware level for the best recording and the useful software to post-produce the obtained audio.

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The course is totally responsive, namely accessible via smartphone and desktop, and is available in Italian and English! Require your free access by filling in the module!

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