ELearning infographics: key-topics of digital training

When talking about eLearning, it can be useful to have an overview of the key-concepts: for this reason, we have created a set of simple infographics that address the trending topic related to digital training.

Webinar, LMS, Instructional Design, gamification, Andragogy, professionals and providers are some of the topics we have addressed Quiddis blog, to build a storage of basic knowledge about eLearning in terms of infrastructures and training organization: now they turn into infographics, short and essential to be consulted or shared with colleagues on Linkedin.



Last months have highlighted the importance of distance training in the corporate environment: it spread not only in big companies, but also in small and medium enterprises which make up most of the Italian business.

This experience has shown, despite difficulties and the sudden start, positive consequences of this methodology both for companies and employees, who were able to benefit from solutions closer to their real needs. Therefore, training has become an opportunity for improvement, instead of being seen as a duty.

Obviously, for this to happen – and to keep happening through time – it is necessary to change at the organization level. This implies to understand what eLearning is, how it works and which tools it requires. This is where Quiddis infographics come in handy: they have been created for HR manager, professional trainers, managers and employees who want to learn more about digital training.



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