How to use eLearning to improve engagement in your company

Covid-19 pandemic sped up the spread of smart working, bringing to light many issues related to employees engagement: in this article we will see how eLearning, and Learning Experience Platforms in particular, can help to improve loyalty and team building in your company, even when people work from home. 


If you have always been a smart worker or you have become one during the last few weeks due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you know that one of the hardest aspects of the job is actually feeling part of the company you work for. To be physically distant from your colleagues, not to have an office to commute to every morning, not to have face-to-face meetings to discuss strategies and actions: all this can make an employee feel quite isolated

One of the most important thing for a company is that all people share the same procedures and know-how, but also culture and set of values, in order for them to move towards the same goals. How can you ensure this sense of belonging



This is when Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) can come in handy. When we talk about LXPs, we mean an evolution of LMSs that focuses not only on corporate training, offering eLearning content to enhance specific skills, but also on improving the learner’s experience. Since the employee is at the very centre, in fact, these platforms allow to do a lot more than training, especially on the social side. 

LXPs offer a collaborative environment for people to interact, exchange opinions and work together on assigned tasks, facilitating team building and social learning. On the other hand, they also empower employees to actively participate in building the company knowledge, cementing the idea of shared values within the community



We have said that LXPs are collaborative environments, but which tools do they offer to improve engagement

Being based on LMS platforms, LXPs allow to build classes and assign eLearning content, which could be adaptive to improve the user experience or require teamwork to achieve specific objectives. Moreover, gamification strategies could be deployed to exploit positive competition and improve motivation, being related to the learning program itself, but also offering real “prizes” like benefits or bonuses.  

In addition to this, LXPs can include Social Media-like features, allowing employees to communicate with peers, post comments and pose questions in relation to their training or to their work life. They also enable managers and team leaders to contribute and answer employees’ questions, which can be useful to establish a learning (and therefore company) culture to share with everyone.  



All these tools and features allow LXPs to somehow recreate the office environment even when people are working from home, like during this crisis, but not only that. 

Covid-19 pandemic aside, with the spread of smart working and companies having many headquarters in different Countries, it becomes more and more important to work to improve employees engagement and sense of community, and eLearning platforms can help. Having a digital space in which colleagues who have never physically been together can feel to be part of the same team, can help to majorly reinforce the company identity and therefore everyone’s commitment to reach common goals


It is undeniable that the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to confront issues related to home and smart workers way more quickly than expected. It is also true that this could be a chance to take decisions that will help not only in the moment, but also long-term when this struggle will still be real, and start using eLearning platforms to improve engagement in your company. 

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