Quiddis Join: customized interface for your corporate Moodle LMS

Moodle is undoubtedly one of the most used LMS platforms in the world, but it has several problems related to usability and the complexity of the user experience: in this article we will talk about how to build a customized interface for your corporate Moodle with Quiddis Join.



Moodle was created in 2002 from the studies of Martin Dougiamas, a computer scientist with a vocation for education. The idea behind the project was the creation of a constructionist platform: hence the name “MOODLE“, an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

It is, therefore, an LMS platform for the management of online training, open source and modular, which has evolved over time thanks to the contribution of different user groups according to collaborative logics. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons behind the success of the platform, which offers a large number of features and ample scope for customization.



Despite the widespread diffusion and the enormous progress made with respect to the potential in the training field, Moodle still seems today to have many limits in relation to the user experience and accessibility for non-expert users. This probably derives precisely from its development methods: since it is an open source project, in fact, in some cases it seems to lack an overall logic, as well as adherence with the real needs of those who have to manage an LMS platform every day, both as Admin and as teacher.

In particular, one of the major difficulties reported by Moodle users is related to interface and processes, which often seem unnecessarily cumbersome and require a rather long training period before being mastered successfully.

Furthermore, if Moodle offers infinite possibilities for customizing the platform to adapt it to the corporate image, it is also true that it requires expert programmers to be able to apply them, with often quite high costs.



However, if you have already invested in a corporate Moodle platform and are not satisfied with the level of usability, but do not want to throw away the work done, a possible solution may be the installation of a customized interface such as Quiddis Join.

What is Quiddis Join in a nutshell: a customized interface for Moodle, applicable also on existing LMS platforms, designed and developed with particular attention to usability, to be simple and intuitive for more or less experienced users, especially in corporate training.

At the basis of Quiddis Join is the idea that it does not matter how advanced and feature rich your LMS platform is, if users are not actually able to use it: it is rather advisable to make the most useful features available, but optimizing processes and making them accessible to everyone.


Find out now how to improve your Moodle experience with Quiddis Join: visit the dedicated page or request a demo with our experts!



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