ELearning and trainers: 5 reasons to enter the online training business

ELearning is growing rapidly and represents a great opportunity for trainers: in this article we will list 5 reasons to enter the world of online training and exploit its potential to grow your business.



The first most important reason why trainers should embark on online training business concerns the optimization of resources, both economic and temporal. Thinking about traditional classroom training, this used to involve a series of additional expenses for trainers and their clients (companies, institutions) compared to the cost of time spent in the classroom: transport, room and board, without considering the complications related to reporting and opportunities missed due to lack of time.

With the transition to eLearning, specifically in its first form of webinar or video lesson, some of these expenses have certainly disappeared, while maintaining the higher cost, i.e. the one linked to the hours that trainers spent in the classroom, even if virtual.

So how can eLearning help? Certainly a solution could be the reduction of time in synchronous training, introducing moments of traced self-learning that allow the trainer to attend several classes in parallel.


This aspect linked to the synchrony (or not) of training represents another characteristic element of eLearning: trainers, by moving online, have different types of educational contents that lend themselves to different purposes and contexts.

If webinars and video lessons are useful for direct discussions and explanations, sharing SCORM can help to address the more theoretical aspects of the educational process, leaving users free to learn whenever and wherever they want, but always with remote monitoring of progress.

In fact, this is a tool exclusively offered by online training: trainers can, although not physically present with the students, know when and with what results they have consulted the training material, having in addition the benefit of adaptive paths built and tailored to the attendees.



Another important advantage of online training concerns the size of the classes involved in training courses. If the physical classroom represented a spatial boundary for trainers, virtual online classrooms and LMS platforms instead represent potentially infinite spaces, where a large number of students can actively interact and be involved in training.

On the one hand, in fact, online does not place limits on space, especially when it comes to highly flexible Cloud services . On the other hand, the trainer himself can manage various activities simultaneously, remotely monitoring progress for even very large classes and automatically collecting final reports for immediate consultation.



A separate discussion concerns the potential target, that is the users that the trainers can reach with his/her online courses. The closure of contracts, often deriving from personal relationships and networks built with difficulty over the years, seems far away: the publication of courses on LMS platforms, sales through e-commerce, advertising through Social Media closer to the different targets, makes the public potentially unlimited.

In fact, trainers no longer have to look spasmodically for users interested in their content, but users themselves reach the course in response to a need, expressed or still unconscious, which leads them to search for it on Google or click on a sponsored post on LinkedIn. This, of course, does not necessarily make the process faster or easier, but it undoubtedly changes its dynamics, offering new business opportunities.



The UVP (Unique Value Proposition) represents, in the marketing world, the specific characteristic of a product or service that makes it absolutely unique and distinguishable from similar products or services. In a world where everything is – or at least described – on the web, trainers have a huge database in their hands to analyze competitors and themselves, in order to selectively understand what they can offer to the market. It is a very powerful weapon, once again useful for trainers to optimize their resources and already have an idea of what will attract the target: less effort and more targeted work, with higher success rates.

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